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Detu MAX
Closer Than Ever
The world’s first 360° 3D VR camera equipped with AI chip for professionals
Immersive 8K 360° Content
Designed specially for professional photographers, filmmakers and VR content creators. MAX captures stunning 12K images and 8K true 3D content.
MAX Features
Bionic 3D Technology
MAX imitates how your eyes capture the world. Create lifelike 3D panoramic images and 360° views with binocular visual image simulation in a very short distance (1.1in).
See true 3D images with MAX through VR glasses to experience the most realistic VR immersion.
Take a Drive, Explore the Wild
With a 4G module, in-camera stitching, six axis stablization, 4K@25 fps 3D capturing, Max can live stream your journey with ease!
HDR Images, Stunning 12K Quality
Get extreme detail and color reproduction capacity with high-dynamic-range imaging and video. Visualize stunningly detailed panoramas at up to 12K resolution.
Your Professional
Photography Assistant
5G/2.4G dual-frequency wi-fi control
Adjust ISO/AWB/AE/HDR/Shutter Speed and more settings
Live shot preview
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Designed For Creators Designed By Creators
Lens arrangement imitates human eyes, maximizing the perspective.
Aluminum alloy material, five directions active cooling design. Highly integrated interface.